Case Studies

Case Studies

Assura Group Case study as mentioned on IBM

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Pully, the Assura Group is the fourth largest health insurance group in Switzerland, serving more than a million customers. It employs 1,200  people and achieves annual revenues of around CHF 3 billion (approximately USD 3.1 billion).

Key Features:

Business challenge
To continue its history of providing innovative services to customers, Assura wanted to open up its IT infrastructure to contemporary developer skills and easier integration with the latest solutions.

Business benefits

  • Reduces risk by introducing documentation and future-proofing the platform
  • Extends lifetime of technology investments, which continue to offer great performance
  • Lays the foundations for innovation and enhanced use of data

Key Excerpts:

…To modernize its systems while minimizing disruption to operations, Assura sought to re-engineer its monolithic IBM Db2 database to SQL without recompiling its programs. The company soon discovered the ideal solution and consultant to help it do so: Xcase for i from Resolution Software…..

…“Xcase for i caught our eye as one of the most mature tools for automating the move to SQL,” recalls Crelier. “We were impressed by the fact that it doesn’t add dependencies, and therefore complexity, to our systems. With more than 1,000 tables in our database, …. It was an easy choice to outsource management of the modernization project to them.”…

…We also discovered that Xcase for i is a highly effective management tool, so we still use it to maintain the database.”…


About Resolution Software Ltd.

Established in 1988, Resolution Software Ltd. specializes in database design, modeling and evolution solutions that automate database best practices. A forerunner in recognizing the strategic importance of the proper design and maintenance of the database, Resolution helps developers quickly and accurately implement every database-related update required throughout the database life cycle. Its cornerstone product, Xcase, is a complete data modeling tool specifically adapted for today’s most widely used database application environments. This mature technology has been extended to meet the unique requirements of the IBM i platform via three IBM i-specific modules: Modernize-DB, Relate-DB and Evolve-DB.

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