What Xcase Users Have to Say

The new Xcase for i was built using the solid foundation of Xcase technology for other leading databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, SQL and other versions of DB2. These predecessors have received kudos from a wide variety of users for exceptional combination of functionality, ease of use and affordability. Read more to see exactly why people think Xcase is different from other products, in their own words.

I’ve spent the last couple days digging through Xcase and have found your product to be exceptional, especially when compared to products costing much more. This new release is quite remarkable in how well it integrates all of the many functions and the new interface is elegant, intuitive, and easy on the eyes. I have been an Erwin user since 1996 and Xcase has caused me to abandon it forever. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been so impressed with a commercial software application – it is a compelling piece of work that data workers of any expertise level will appreciate.”
– Mike Sofen, Senior Database Architect , Entriq, Inc.

“Eagle Datamation International looked at every major Case tool available and compared price, capabilities and ease of use. We despaired of ever finding a decent tool, the costs were high the capabilities poor and the user interfaces were difficult to understand… Until we found Xcase. Xcase is low cost, high performance, very, very simple to use, yet has more capabilities than any of the other tools we used. I am amazed at its performance and continue to be impressed with the speed at which the software is maturing. We continually get new releases that address issues and add features to the system. The overall package AND the detail of the implementation are fantastically powerful.”
– Richard White, Chief Technical Officer, Eagle Datamation Inc.

“We are developing a large application and database to record and store criminal histories and police reports. The design of the database is critical for retrieving timely crime statistics for better community police efforts. I am new to using an ER diagramming tool and was primarily concerned with finding a tool that would be intuitive and easy to learn. Xcase has worked out very nicely for our project development. The best part, though, is that when I have had questions, I have received quick and helpful responses from Resolution’s customer support.”
– Lu Ann Maddy, Information Technology, Colorado Springs Police Department

“The most important part of my applications is DATA… Before choosing a framework or starting any of the application development, I use Xcase Professional to model the data, producing clear diagrams that developers and end-users alike can understand. Good data design is crucial to a successful application and Xcase is the tool I always reach for first. It helps me avoid errors in data design that could be very costly to fix later.”
– Eldor Gemst

“Xcase is the GREATEST. It has saved me so much especially with Visual ProMatrix and gives me a clean view of my model and an easy way to make changes. Keep up the great work.”
– Scott, REVSharecorp

“Xcase is a must have for analysts, designers and developers, especially in the two products in which I work, Visual Fox Pro and MS SQL Server. Xcase lets you work smarter by minding the minutia for you, while you concentrate on how to realize your customer’s requirements. The product is well conceived (you don’t have to work its way) and easy to learn and still has all the depth and attention to detail database design demands. I really love this tool.”
– Andrew Georgopulos, MCSD, Flash Creative Management

“As a long time database developer who only recently started working with SQL servers, we have faced a steep learning curve. In addition, we have been trying to keep up with a client that keeps making little changes to the database design. Xcase has been a lifesaver. Using Xcase we can quickly change the design and generate a SQL script to create the new database structure. I wish changing the application code was that easy. One of the greatest things about Xcase is the rapid response we have always received from their technical support staff.”
– Steven Gibb, Network Systems Integration, Inc

“Concerning Xcase in general, we consider that Xcase is a very good tool that supports most of the features we were expecting for the support of our DB life cycle. As SME, we haven’t had the time and the money to investigate deeply the other tools and have been guided by money quality/(low) price considerations. Having worked with Xcase with more than a year, we have been pleased by the number of supported DBMS, its stability, the quality of its support and have not encountered any missing feature that would require for us to go for another tool.”
– Eric Malotaux, ACTLEM sa, Belgium

“DynaSoft® has been using Xcase for designing the database for DynaWare®Empresarial, a world class ERP system. Xcase has proven to be an invaluable tool, since it is easy to use, very reliable, and flexible. We have converted our original SQL Server 6.5 model to Informix, Oracle, and SQL Server 7.0 in matter of hours, making minor adjustments, mainly because of DBMS differences.”
– Ing. Rafael Funes Lovis, Director General, DynaSoft, S.A. de C.V.

“We at Healthline Systems, Inc. started using Xcase when we began transitioning our software products from FoxPro data structures to SQL Server. Xcase quickly evolved into a vital part of our development strategies. Its excellent presentation abilities have been extremely helpful in documentation and its script generation processes are an integral part of our implementation plan. In addition, Resolution’s support response has been outstanding. There is a real team support in the business relationship. We extend highest recommendations for Resolution and their Xcase software.”
– Steve Parker, Healthline Systems

“We are a software house and concentrate on development of large MIS/ Data warehouse systems. Since we moved to VFP6 we started to use Xcase. Today we do not understand how anybody who is doing development in VFP or SQL Server could live without it. Xcase is strictly recommended.”
– DIRK Bachmann, CEO, DS Consulting & Partner GmbH

“Last night I saw a demo of Xcase and thought it would be an excellent teaching/learning tool. I teach a sequence of courses in Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation at a local community college. I like the ability of your product to support ERD modeling, and your documentation is excellent.”
– Andy Vaughan, Instructor,  South Seattle Community College

“Let me also take a minute to tell you that I believe your manual does an excellent job of explaining how Xcase works with databases. The explanations are very clear, and I have learned much from your documentation.”
– Steve Riskind

“It’s worth every penny to reverse-engineer a large custom app, just to print out huge overlapping (color) charts of tables and relations. I’ve never seen a client so impressed.”
– Barry Pollack

“I never had played with Case tools, but now, trust me, I know what they are made for! Your product is remarkably intuitive and stable.”
– Jose Constant, TERRE

“Overall, a very impressive piece of work. I’ve worked with a number of ‘CASE’ tools and with Xcase I found that when I asked ‘what about xxx?’ the answer was usually ‘yes, we can handle that!”
– Andy Neil, Micromega

“We received your product 1 hour ago, we opened a database that was already working and in less than 10 minutes we printed the Entity-Relationship Diagram. Your product is great!!!”
– Ing. Rafael Funes Lovis, Director General, DynaSoft, S.A. de C.V.

“Xcase is an excellent product. It’s powerful, flexible, extendible, and for the price, it represents an incomparable value.”
– Ted Roche and Peter Moon, in FoxPro Advisor Magazine

“What makes an excellent program perfect is immediate customer support 🙂 Xcase is a wonderful tool to work with!”
– Christoph A. Brocker, Leiter EDV, THOMAE UND PARTNER AG

“I have found Xcase to be very reliable and generally get quick turnaround time for bugs.”
– Rob Shuff

“Thanks for your good product. I can’t think what I would do without it.”
– S. Herold, IBM.net

“I’m still considering Xcase as the best database case tool.”
– Francis van der Ghinst

“I think the product is great and the more I use it and get to know its inner power the more I like it.”
– Richard White

“… thank you for an excellent product that is serving us very well.”
– C. Stephen Parker CCP, CPCM, Lotherington & Parker, Inc.

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