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Xcase automates the process of upgrading your database files from DDS to SQL DDL without impacting your existing applications.

  • Perform a modernization impact analysis on your database using the Xcase Modernization Diagnostic utility.
  • Identify specific files that may need special attention.
  • Automatically generate the SQL needed for all of the new database files, including special Surrogate LFs that allow your current applications to continue using native I/O with your new SQL database.
  • Validate and copy data to the new database.
  • Reverse engineer your logical files into SQL views.

Design or Reverse Engineer

Using Xcase’s sophisticated visual interface, you can design an accurate database by capturing every detail of your customer’s business information world.

  • Reverse engineer existing databases into presentation quality diagrams.
  • Access and edit all meta-data attributes (including your own) using customizable Browsers and Attribute Inspectors.
  • Use advanced graphical tools to create tables and relationships.
  • Automatically create and maintain Foreign Keys and Indexes when designing relationships.


Xcase provides high-quality diagrams with different views and various level of detail, facilitating the iterative process of analysis, design and presentation.

  • Multiple and Embedded Diagrams allow you to easily manage even the most complex databases.
  • Tree (navigate between database objects).
  • Zoom Window.
  • Navigator (see the complete workspace in a small window).
  • Fully configurable Entity Relationship Diagrams (fonts, colors, size, graphical objects and annotations).


Xcase automates tedious and time-consuming documentation tasks, allowing you to easily print diagrams and customizable reports.

  • Produce fully customizable, presentation quality reports.
  • Export reports in RTF or HTML format.
  • Print diagrams in full color.
  • Export diagrams as Enhanced Meta Files.


Xcase automatically generates the vast amount of code needed to create the database, extract its data and maintain its integrity.

  • Customizable template-driven generation of DDL statements to create all database objects, including RI Triggers, Stored Procedures and Views (in addition to tables, indexes, constraints, etc.).
  • Use the powerful Xcase scripting language to access any meta data attribute on the model or server and generate any database-related code, such as XML schemas.

Manage Data

Xcase provides a direct link from the conceptual domain into the physical data, by allowing you to move data from one database to another, validate and fix the data, and relationally view and edit physical data with integrity.

  • View data relationally (automatic parent-child browsers allow for easy database navigation).
  • Edit data with integrity (automatic look-ups on Foreign Keys and drop-down lists on Enumerated Types).
  • Check and fix data against the model’s business rules.
  • Move data transparently from one RDBMS to another.

Modify and Maintain

Often, even simple design modifications necessitate numerous adjustments in the model, which must then be propagated to an existing database. Xcase automatically handles all these tedious and error-prone tasks for you.

  • Automatically maintain objects such as Views and Foreign Keys at model level when modifying model database objects.
  • Compare the model with an existing database and automatically update the database without jeopardizing existing data.
  • Handle all dependencies automatically when an object needs to be dropped.
  • Create multiple archives for a model. Compare a model to its archive and update the model based on the differences found.
  • Compare and merge two models even if they do not share the same target DBMS.
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