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DDS and SQL: The Winning Combination for DB2 for i

If your database is DDS-generated, you are not taking full advantage of DB2 on i. IBM’s Kent Milligan describes how the use of SQL with DB2 on i can ease staffing burdens, shorten development cycles, improve application performance, increase data integrity and get your database to do more of your work for you. Read it now >>


From DDS to SQL: How to fully exploit DB2 on i

IBM’s Mike Cain explains why modernizing most legacy databases with SQL can bring significant benefits to your company—and to you. He describes why SQL has become the IBM i standard for defining and accessing database objects, and how you can transform your DB2 for i objects incrementally without impacting your existing applications. View it here >>


Xcase Trial Edition

Experience the power of advanced DB design and modeling, created especially for SQL on i. Download now >>

Xcase Modernization Diagnostic

Find out exactly what’s involved with migrating your DDS database to SQL with this free Modernization Diagnostic Tool from Resolution Xcase. Get it free >>


RPG Native I/O vs. SQL

Paul Tuohy interviews Susan Gantner on her thoughts on using SQL vs. RPG’s native I/O operations, such as READ, CHAIN, and WRITE, and which method performs the best. Listen here >>