Modernization Diagnostic

Modernization Diagnostic Utility

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Xcase’s free DB2 Modernization Diagnostic will save you days of analysis by quantifying the effort and time required to modernize your specific databases, whether you choose to modernize manually or with Xcase.

This easy-to-run utility generates a report with key statistics and other data to thoroughly scope your database modernization project for you. The resulting Xcase Diagnostic Report includes both detail and an Executive Summary suitable for presentation to your management.

By running the Xcase Diagnostic, you will learn:

  • the extent to which your database can be modernized to SQL without impacting existing applications
  • how many lines of new code will be required
  • specific files that pose potential issues and the types of issues
  • which files cannot be converted to DDL
  • approximately how much time will be required to modernize, both manually and with Xcase to automate the process

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