Modernization Service

DB2 for i Modernization Service

In this world of under staffing, it can be a challenge to find the time to plan and implement a project like database modernization, even with an automated tool like Xcase available. That makes your database modernization project the perfect candidate for outsourcing to the experts in DB2 for i modernization – Resolution.


Resolution can upgrade your database to SQL quickly and affordably with little required from your staff. You install the Xcase Modernization Diagnostic utility on your System i — just a few minutes’ work — and a modernization professional from Xcase walks you through the process of running the Diagnostic.

Based on the results of the Diagnostic Report, Resolution will define and implement a custom Modernization Action Plan to effectively address your unique requirements, including difficult downtime constraints of near-24×7 operations. Resolution even has techniques to optimize the potentially lengthy process of copying data from the old PF to the new SQL Table and building the indexes.

Throughout the whole process, your valuable data remains secure on your server.

With the initial conversion to SQL complete, the developers who know your applications can swing into action to bring data validation logic or new SQL functionality into your new database structure. Xcase’s Relate-DB significantly reduces the time required to discover relationships hidden in your database, then document and implement those relationships within DB2 on i.

At this point, Xcase’s Evolve-DB comes into play. It shields developers from the complexities of SQL and speeds up ongoing database modifications with interactive data modeling, impact analysis and automatic SQL code generation.

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