Xcase Evolve-DB

Xcase for Database Evolution

Xcase Evolve-DB is a complete graphical database design tool engineered to help you accomplish all your database-related tasks – from data modeling through to database modifications – with greater speed, higher quality, and better adherence to current best practices. Its powerful, state-of-the-art automation and graphic features quickly and accurately complete tasks encountered throughout the entire life cycle of your database.Xcase automatically:

  • Creates high quality diagrams that document your data model and provide a visual so you can interactively refine the design with team members or customers
  • Generates the SQL code needed to create all the database objects, such as Tables, Indexes, Views, Triggers and Stored Procedures
  • Performs meticulous change-impact analysis and implements the inevitable modifications required by continuously changing business needs – all while preserving existing data


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Xcase Evolve-DB Overview

In addition to its advanced functionality for general database design and evolution, Xcase Evolve-DB offers significant technological advantages for IBM i developers and database engineers in several areas:

True Modeling Environment

Xcase picks up where most other graphical IBM i database tools leave off. It goes far beyond generating static database diagrams and the SQL code used to create and modify objects.

Xcase provides a true modeling environment built around Entity Relationship Diagrams that you use like an interactive blueprint. You can visualize, organize, and quickly navigate even the most complex databases using multiple and embedded diagrams. You modify your model either graphically or by setting properties, without coding. As you work, Xcase transparently finds and updates all related objects for you, behind the scenes. When you’re satisfied, it synchronizes the database with your model and generates all of the code needed to implement every explicit and implicit change.

Documentation for DDS/SQL Hybrid Systems

With Xcase, you can reverse engineer existing DB2 for i databases to create graphical data models, even for databases that contain both DDS-generated and SQL objects. Flexible use of color, fonts and detail within the diagrams allow you to quickly see the relationships between with both types of components so you can make informed decisions.

 Impact Analysis and Change Automation

At the heart of Xcase is the change impact and automation engine that lets you implement any change with increased speed and accuracy. With today’s complex databases, it’s critical to thoroughly and reliably analyze “what if” scenarios for all changes, safe from your live environment. One simple modification can impact Indexes, Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures and Referential Integrity Constraints. Xcase shows you the scope of any change, lets you decide what you want to implement, and then automatically generates the code you need. Throughout the entire process, Xcase tenaciously preserves your existing data.

 Database-Embedded Validation Logic

Traditionally on the IBM i and AS/400, programs dictate data validation and referential integrity rules. With SQL, these business rules reside in the database, so the system automatically ensures that they are enforced at all times. SQL’s built-in data integrity increases database performance as well as the integrity of your data. Plus you will not have to spend time writing rules into new applications.Xcase helps you transition your data validation logic from your programs into your modernized database. Working within the graphical data model, you can easily visualize relationships and then define your business rules, such as relationships between tables (referential integrity constraints), primary and unique key constraints, and column-level (or check) constraints. As you work, Xcase automatically generates the code for the Triggers and Stored Procedures needed to safeguard database integrity.

 Validation of Business Rules

When business needs require you to introduce new validation rules for your data, you must ask “Is my existing data compatible with this rule?” Xcase gives you the answer quickly. It checks record relationships, unique keys, fields and records to see if your existing data will match new business rules. It then generates a report on all data integrity errors found. You can then address these issues in one of two ways. Xcase will show you the physical data and let you edit it or, for large quantities, Xcase will generate SQL statements to identify all records with the same problem so you can fix them programmatically. Either way, Xcase makes it easy to access and update “faulty” records to restore data integrity in light of planned changes.

 View and Edit Physical Data

Xcase provides a direct link from the conceptual domain into the physical data. When the time comes to test the database model and the related Triggers, Constraints and Views, Xcase gives you full relational navigation using automatic parent/child browsers and lookups. You can quickly navigate through the database checking for relational and data integrity, as well as the validity of business rules. For example, by opening a Table to view its physical data, a completely configurable browser appears showing the selected parent in the top pane and a list of the children on the bottom pane. You can drill down to any level of detail. Xcase’s extensive features for viewing and editing data also facilitate proof of concept and demonstrations to end users to gather feedback.

 Built-in Version Control

You never have to worry about over-writing important code with Xcase. Xcase keeps track of all previous versions of your database model so you can see the differences on demand and go back to a previous version whenever necessary. In addition, its automated synchronization process compares a modified model to any previous version, produces a detailed report of all discrepancies found, and lets you selectively choose the changes to apply.

 Code and Object Generation

With Xcase, you do not have to know SQL to build physical database objects, intricate data validation rules, or elaborate reports. Xcase automatically generates the code you need to create and maintain sophisticated Triggers, Stored Procedures, Constraints, Tables, Indexes, Views and Queries. More importantly, you do not have to write a single line of code to maintain those complex SQL statements. When you inevitably change field names, drop fields, modify keys, or make other necessary changes to your database model, Xcase will automatically find all of the related SQL objects and update them for you. It painstakingly preserves the ongoing integrity of even the most complicated Join Views.

 Attention to Detail

All SQL dialects are not created equal. Therefore, tools that provide generic SQL support are simply not adequate for unique environments like the IBM i. Xcase is different. It provides unmatched support for IBM i SQL. With Xcase, you can set and modify attributes such as Record Format, compilation parameters, CCSID and many other attributes specific to this unique, reliable platform.

Take advantage of this new power. Evolve-DB helps you safely and quickly make important database changes that will significantly improve application performance by transparently and reliably handling all of the tedious and time-consuming implementation tasks.

Modernization Services

No time to handle a modernization project in-house? We also offer an affordable database modernization service that removes the work from your staff.