Xcase for i Suite

The Xcase for i Suite

Built on two decades of expertise in database design best practices, Xcase is a complete database design, modeling and modernization solution. Its rich history of customization for specific database environments has resulted in tightly-integrated solutions with unmatched functionality and value. Unlike other database design and modeling solutions, Xcase fully addresses the specific attributes of database modernization and management on the IBM i.

The Xcase for i family of database solutions includes:

Xcase Modernize-DB

Xcase Modernize-DB upgrades your traditional DDS-generated DB2 for i database to SQL—fast and affordably—without requiring changes to existing applications. Your modernized database will have the speed, flexibility and built-in data integrity of an SQL database engine along with all of the traditional features of your DDS-generated database.

Xcase Relate-DB

The ideal solution for understanding the nuances of your database, Xcase Relate-DB is perfect for three distinct uses:

  • to discover and document hidden relationships within DDS-generated databases
  • to automate the creation of a metadata layer for faster BI implementation
  • to discover, document and formally implement relationships within SQL-based DB2 for i databases

Xcase Evolve-DB

For developers and database engineers who have already migrated to SQL on IBM i, Xcase Evolve-DB provides advanced data modeling, impact analysis and SQL code generation to keep your SQL database running smoothly and ready to adapt quickly to new business demands.

Xcase Test-DB

Xcase Test-DB generates quality test data in a relational database with the following characteristics: The data should be comprehensive but at the same time compact and sensitive data should be obfuscated but remain coherent and not violate the referential integrity rules defined in the database. These goals are achieved using complex internal logic, but a very simple user interface.

Xcase Anonymize-DB

Xcase Anonymize-DB allows anonymizing sensitive data in a Test Database. The Model used to anonymize the Test Data should accurately describe the Test Database. To ensure this, synchronize the database with the model or reverse engineer the database into the model. Each table in the Test database can be located in a different schema / library.

DB2 for i Modernization Service

Designed to kick-start your database modernization project, Resolution’s affordable modernization service delivers to you a fully updated SQL/DDS hybrid database so your staff can focus on how to leverage your new SQL power with no worries about existing applications, which can continue to use native I/O techniques as long as you like.

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