Xcase Test-DB

Xcase Test-DB

Xcase Test-DB generates quality test data with the following characteristics:

The data should be comprehensive but at the same time compact and representative and remain coherent without violating the referential integrity rules defined in the model.

These goals are achieved using complex internal logic, but a very simple user interface.

It is possible to sample the data from production or generate new synthetic data. Once the records have been generated, you can modify the content of the records by using the rich set of options:

  • FK Fill Method
  • Identity Fill Method
  • Constant
  • Increment
  • Range
  • Expression (Regular)
  • Expression (SQL)
  • Expression (TCL)
  • List of Values
  • Import from Table
  • Import from PC File
  • Null Value
  • DB Default

Xcase Test-DB also provides advanced snapshot management. You can save and restore with flexibility multiple subsets of your test data without needing to reload it from prod after it was modified by a test.

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