Xcase for i

Database Modernization. Modeling. Evolution.

box If you develop applications for the IBM i, SQL will play an increasingly vital role in your work. Make sure your database is prepared to squeeze every bit of juice from this powerful, fast, flexible technology.

Xcase for i makes your move to SQL easier, faster, and risk-free. It understands the unique challenges of DB2 for i best practices and automates them throughout three critical stages:

  • DDS to SQL Modernization: Xcase modernizes your traditional DDS database to SQL—fast and affordably—without requiring changes to existing applications.
  • Relationship Discovery: Xcase cleverly uncovers the many implicit relationships in your database so you can document and implement them explicitly as metadata.
  • Database Evolution: Xcase empowers database engineers with data modeling, impact analysis and SQL code generation tools — all of the speed and precision you need to keep your SQL on i database pristine and ready for new requirements.

It's time to release the full potential of SQL hiding in your IBM i database. Find out exactly what’s involved >>



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The Power of SQL

Modernize from DDS to DDL to get faster application response times, greater data integrity, SOA compatibility, advanced database functions and data types.Learn More...

IBM White Paper

IBM's Kent Milligan discusses the many advantages of leveraging SQL within DB2 for i in his new paper
DDS & SQL: The Winning Combination for DB2 for iGet it here!

On-Demand Webcast

From DDS to SQL: How to fully exploit DB2 on i with DB2 expert Mike Cain. Learn why SQL is now the IBM i standard for defining and accessing database objects. View it here!

New & Noteworthy

Xcase 9.1 Speeds Up DDS-to-SQL Migration

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Modernization Service

No time to handle your database modernization project in-house? Resolution's affordable modernization service delivers to you a fully customized SQL/DDS hybrid database engine so your staff can focus on how to leverage your new SQL power with no worries about existing applications, which can continue to use native I/O techniques as long as you like. Learn more >>

IBM's Kent Milligan on Xcase

"SQL brings so many real benefits to System i applications that it should be a no-brainer to update your database structure. However, it does take time to migrate database definitions to SQL – as well as build an understanding of DB2 and SQL – and those have proven to be hurdles for some companies," says Kent Milligan, Senior DB2 for i5/OS Specialist at IBM. "Xcase removes those hurdles by providing a solution that simplifies management of the DB2 objects involved in the database modernization process and speeds up the process by employing IBM-recommended best practices that allow existing applications to keep running with no modifications as if no change occurred to the database definitions."