Xcase for i suite

Step 1: Modernization & Documentation

Migrate from DDS to SQL and document/implement hidden relationships

Release the full potential of SQL hiding in your IBM i database

Greater speed and better performance are just two key benefits of moving to SQL. You will also prepare your applications to evolve in a wider variety of ways, increase data security and data integrity, reduce future development time and open your database to greater interoperability with other applications as well as reporting, design and management tools.

Address the “coexistence” challenges of database modernization on IBM i

Existing applications will run as before, with no recompilation

New applications will use the new Database features immediately

Guaranteed gradual and smooth transition between old and new applications

Database downtime will be minimal during the modernization process

Modernization solutions:

Migrate from DDS to SQL without changes in existing applications.

Enrich your system: Take advantage of SQL functions, universality and performance. Open your platform to third party tools.

Graphically document your data model, discover all the implicit relationships and safely implement them in the database without disrupting existing applications.

Increase productivity and precision: through better and shared understanding across teams, through better impact analysis. Identify structural anomalies. Relationships can then be implemented in the database to take advantage of database normalization.
This step does not require migrating to SQL before.

Step 2: Governability and Administration

Manage your databases (structure & data) and build coherent and secured test environments

Xcase for i brings freedom, agility and safety to data management on the IBM i

Administration solutions:

Graphically document your data model, discover all the implicit relationships and safely implement them in the database.

Improve data governance: administrate your model with a unique graphical tool, implement changes with speed and precision thanks to automatically generated SQL scripts.

Provide all development team members with the right database vision.

Enforce collaboration among your team, through shared understanding of your database.

Build compact yet comprehensive Dev/Test databases.

Enhance Dev performance: simplify the creation and management processes of Dev environments, ensure dev quality and agility through compact yet representative and coherent Dev/Test databases. Allow testers to compare and restore data during their tests with Snapshots.

Anonymize data in Dev/Test environments.

Ensure data security and legal compliance: anonymize business sensitive and personal data in your Dev/Test databases using automatically generated conversion dictionaries.
Complete stand-alone solution (no need for step 1)

Conduct a full transformation of your database with minimum impact on your system and your teams

  • Transform your database massively with an exhaustive approach, reduce overall costs, avoid the processing errors caused by manual implementation; all this without changing existing programs
  • Modernize your database with minimal downtime, whatever its size
  • You can also entrust us with the modernization project, leaving your teams focused on your business: we have successfully conducted multiple database modernization projects

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