Release the full potential of your DB2 for i database with SQL

IBM i and DB2 for i development experts agree. SQL will play a vital role in many high-priority IT projects – SOA and application modernization, faster batch processing, improved interactive response times, openness to outside applications, data encryption for PCI and HIPAA compliance, and increased data integrity.

To take advantage of the speed, power and flexibility of SQL, running natively on the IBM i, and to extend the longevity of your current applications, your database must be re-engineered from DDS to SQL.

Migrate from DDS to SQL without needing to modify or even recompile your existing applications (Surrogate methodology recommended by IBM).

Migrate-DB provides to your database the speed, flexibility and built-in data integrity of the SQL database engine, along with all of the traditional features of your DB2 for i database.

By automating the time-tested SQL-reengineering process recommended by IBM in its Redbook “Modernizing iSeries Application Data Access”, Xcase for i gets you there fast and affordably—without impacting your existing applications.


Migrate-DB main benefits


Quicker modernization with fewer risks and less effort

Xcase for i automates all the steps of the re-engineering process.

It avoids major issues inherent to a manual process that lead to error, frustration and delays in the project:

  • Need for expertise in SQL and DDS to produce the necessary conversion code
  • Errors and non-completeness
  • Risks to break existing applications

Xcase for i employs parallel processing and other techniques to minimize the downtime when data is copied from the original PF’s into the new SQL tables


Protection for existing applications

  • Xcase for i ensures continued compatibility by building a “Surrogate” logical file for each physical file, and creating a transformed logical file for each logical file
  • All current programs will continue to run using native I/O techniques, without the need to recompile or modify them, and no risk of alteration. You then have the option of leaving them as they are, or to re-design them to use SQL I/O when you decide to.

No SQL or modernization expertise required

Xcase for i automatically reverse-engineers existing DDS-generated physical and logical files and automatically generates the SQL tables and other database objects so that your existing applications can continue running as before even if they now use SQL Tables.


Process completeness

Xcase for i tracks all details associated with every individual object modernized, ensuring their proper reapplication within the modernized database


Improved data quality

Xcase for i automates the copy phase of your data into the new SQL tables, but before it does, it analyses the presence of invalid data which can be present in DDS tables. Xcase for i identifies faulty records and makes them easily accessible for data cleansing


Supports incremental modernization

Xcase for i gives you the tools you need to process batches of files at a time. Using an incremental approach helps get the project started and keep it progressing at your own rhythm.

We can manage your modernization project for you

No time to handle a modernization project in-house? We also offer a database modernization service that removes the work from your staff.