Why Modernize to SQL ?

Greater speed and better performance are just two key benefits of moving to SQL. You will also prepare your applications to evolve in a wider variety of ways, increase data security and data integrity, reduce future development time and open your database to greater interoperability with other applications as well as reporting, design and management tools

Achieving better application architecture via Database Modernization, is recommended by IBM’s System i Developer Roadmap.

Modernization benefits

Built-in Data Integrity

In a modern database data centric approach, business rules are moved out of the application and into the database. This leads to:

  • Lighter programs, easier to understand and maintain
  • Better performance as rules are faster handled by the DBMS
  • Better portability
  • More security
    • – Rules cannot be circumvented by mistakes in application
    • – Rules are enforced automatically at all times, regardless of the interface used to change the data

Snappier Performance

  • SQL optimizer and database engine produce on average 20% faster response times than native I/O method
  • Data verification happens when data is written, not when it is read which happens 20 times less frequently
  • Identity based relationships provide faster relational access
  • IBM stated that improvement of database access will only continue through SQL

Increased Functionalities including:

  • Auto-incrementing of keys (Identities and sequence objects)
  • Column-level triggers
  • SQL Views (much more powerful than Logical Files)
  • Encryption and decryption functions
  • Encoded Vector Indices
  • Large character and binary object support (BLOB, CLOB, DBCLOB, and datalink)
  • New Data Types

No limit to the modernization of your systems applications

  • Openness to SOA: SQL is the most widely used standard, likely be the primary method for accessing data when considering moving towards Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Greater choice of tools speeding up the development process
  • Most advanced third-party development tools, reporting utilities and database design/modelling solutions support SQL
  • Most web-based application development tools offer built-in support for data access through SQL
  • Easier re-usability of existing applications. Building up an additional SQL functionality into your programs, they are more re-usable with new development plans

Why is Xcase for i the most secured tool for DDS to SQL migration?

  • No need to recompile existing programs, no code modification needed
  • Existing applications continue to function using native I/O techniques
  • Quick and secured process: no disruption to your business
  • Main business applications and database can remain on the secure and reliable IBM i, even if your modernization plans call for accessing data through applications running on other platforms
  • When finished, you’re fully prepared to leverage new SQL functions within your applications

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