We can provide you with a wide range of services to efficiently manage your modernization project.

Modernizing the database is a one-shot exercise, therefore it is more valuable for you to invest your time in building durable competences.

To keep your developers focused on projects related to your business and the future of your system, we can help you provide them with a database model that will allow for next-generation developments.

Why entrust Resolution Software for this project?

  • We have established a clear methodology based on proven best practices
  • Our project managers have IBM i and project management expertise
  • We can bring you rare skills in SQL knowledge and database management
  • Our experience will mean low demand for your company’s critical resources
  • We will ensure the operational impact of modernization is minimal


  • A modernization professional will conduct a Diagnostic of your database.
  • Based on the results of the Diagnostic Report, Resolution Software will devise and implement a custom Modernization Action Plan with you.
  • The developers who know your applications will be included in the project to provide validation and define new SQL functionality into your new database structure, helped by the decision-making tools of Xcase for i and Resolution Software database experts.
  •  Once modernized, Xcase for i administration tools will allow you to manage the DB on a daily basis.

Keeping in mind your main requirements all along the project:

  • You do not want your operations to stop. We know to handle difficult downtime constraints of near-24×7 operations. For example, we optimize the potentially lengthy process of copying data from the old PF to the new SQL Table and building the indexes.
  • Your data must be preserved: Your valuable data remains secure on your server.